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Shure introduces three new sets of cans for pros and poseurs

Tim Stevens

Sure, you know Shure, the audio company best known in the consumer realm for its line of high-end, in-ear buds. The company's moving out, introducing three new over-the-ear headsets said to offer "professional" audio quality at prices that are a fraction of some of the other cans we've seen lately. The SRH240 are the lowest-end, intended for "consumer listening devices" (i.e. that knock-off MP3 player you got down on Canal Street) and expected to sell for under $60. Next up is the SRH440, positioned for console and DJ use, and available for under $100. Finally there's the high-end SRH840, featuring "reference-quality frequence response" and plenty of other hyperbolic traits for a retail price of $199.99. The three should cover most listeners' budgets and, while the demure styling won't win over the Skullcandy crowd, anyone looking for a solid value in listening isolation will surely want to tune in when these hit the streets the next few weeks.

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