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Dungeon Runners updates to Build 162, plans ahead for TURDs

William Dobson

It's certainly been quite a while since we last checked in on Dungeon Runners, but it has grabbed our attention once again after updating to Build 162 earlier this week. The humorous free-to-play dungeon-crawler went many months without updates to the live servers, so fans should be happy with this latest addition. Here are some of the patch headlines:

  • No more ads
  • Lots of graphical updates and optimizations
  • Shadows were added
  • A bunch of new items went in
  • PvP is now allowed on all worlds
  • Placeholder artwork was added for the TURD vendors that will go live in (or after) October. Yep, TURD vendors... we could leave it there without any further explanation, but the truth is just as funny. TURD stands for Townston Universally Recognized Dollars and they will be used as Dungeon Runners' version of NCcoins for an item mall.
Hit up the full patch notes to see what else has changed in DR.

[Thanks, Ripper!]

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