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Comic-Con 2009: BioShock 2 gets real

Kevin Kelly

Ever been to the mysterious BioShock 2 website, We first heard about it in March, and it is randomly updated from time to time with new bits of information from an obsessed searcher looking for clues about mysterious lights in the sea, and the disappearance of young girls from villages and cities near the ocean.

2K Games decided to take things one step further by recreating the entire website in real life at Comic-Con by letting fans actually read the papers on the desk, follow the clues on the bulletin board, check out the mysterious glowing symbols inside the box on the desk, and rummage through the filing cabinet. It was incredibly detailed, right down to the roller skates.

It was a bit hard to focus on details when you're getting jostled left and right by people dressed as Spider-man and Wonder Woman, but you can check out all the details in the gallery below.

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