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Green Lantern PSP spotted at Comic-Con


Sony isn't giving up on the not-expensive PSP-3000 series. In fact, Siliconera spotted this special Green Lantern themed system at San Diego Comic-Con not too long ago. Inspired by the upcoming "First Flight" animated feature, this PSP-3000 stands out due to its unique glossy green color -- something you won't find on American retail shelves. Less exciting is Comic-Con's Caprica-themed PSP, if only because the idiotic "SyFy" brand stands so large on it. Yuck.

While you may not be able to get this Green Lantern PSP any time soon (or ever), you can still get some free Green Lantern digital swag off the PlayStation Store. For a limited time, you can download a 16 minute sneak preview of the upcoming animated film on your PSP or PS3. Simply visit the video section of the PlayStation Store to download.

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