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iPhone app offers achievements for life, booyah!


What is the point of doing anything if you don't get achievements? Really, if you don't get points for it and proof on a public database, does it even count as having done something? We spent like an hour mowing the lawn yesterday in three-digit temperatures, for example, and nobody even knew about it until we told you -- just now.

A developer called Booyah, started by three ex-Blizzard employees, is bringing the all-important "cheevos" to daily life activities, with a free iPhone app called Booyah Society. The "game," set to launch today, allows players to create a custom avatar and log activities in 108 different categories (like "Food & Dining," "Fitness," and more -- with achievements based on writing short notes about what you've done in each category), earning credits for each achievement logged. The achievements can be private or public, shared with a friends list, and streamed to Facebook or Twitter.

Writing this post announcing this achievement game was the last "freebie" for us. From now on, we're not doing anything unless we get points for it.

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