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Laguna Art Museum releases VIP dinner details

Alex Ziebart

Earlier today, emails started going out to those who were interested in an opportunity to attend the Laguna Art Museum's VIP Benefit Dinner, sponsored by Blizzard themselves. The benefit will take place the night before BlizzCon, at a to-be-determined location near the convention center.

For the curious, tickets are $500 each and include the meal, a BlizzCon ticket, a signed print of Blizzard artwork, two-for-one admission to Laguna Art Museum's current WoW-themed exhibition, and "an opportunity to converse with executives, artists, developers, and community managers from Blizzard Entertainment as well as Laguna Art Museum's curator." If you signed up to win a chance at buying tickets, you might want to make sure you check your email sometime soon. You'll only have a 48 hour period to buy your tickets (limit two), so if you don't get it done soon you'll miss your chance.

If you're in the area but can't attend the benefit, don't feel too bad. It just so happens that is doing something around the same time and we'd love to see you there.

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