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Top Cow announces Darkness sequel in the works [update]

Justin McElroy

Here's a great indicator of how slowly the wheels can occasionally turn. During Top Cow Productions' Comic-Con panel, head of the comic publisher, Marc Silvestri, was finally able to announce that a follow-up to The Darkness (based on the Top Cow IP) was in the works. We're not surprised if the news has a familiar ring to it: The company hinted at a sequel during the 2008 NYCC ... 15 months ago.

In more immediate news, the company announced that the original game would soon be added to the greatest hits value line-up on PS3 and Xbox for $29.99. If you haven't already checked it out, it's an interesting recommendation, if only to prepare yourself for the sequel that may finally be coming.

Update: According to comments made to VG247, original developer Starbreeze will not be returning for the sequel.

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