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Exchange support coming to Sidekick LX 2009 today for $4.99 a month

Chris Ziegler

If you're a kid stuck in a grown-up's body, there's a good chance you're pining after a Sidekick -- you know, just like the kind you had back in the day when you listened to Blink 182 and loitered on your skateboard around the plaza in front of the office building that has since enslaved you. Problem is, Sidekicks have never really been work-friendly devices -- owing in part to their utter shunning of Exchange -- which means you get stuck with a BlackBerry and an incessant desire to swivel the display. It's kind of sad, really, and passers-by think you've gone mad as you sit on the park bench pressing your thumb desperately against a screen that will never, ever rotate, no matter how fricking hard you press. It's cool, though, T-Mobile's got your back: enter Sidekick Sync, an app that was promised when the Sidekick LX 2009 was launched and is finally available. It'll be hitting the phone's Download Catalog starting this afternoon, offering push email, attachment viewing, calendar and contact sync, and pretty much every other Exchange feature that strips you of your youthful innocence. For the pleasure of avoiding RIM's powerful grasp, you'll pay $4.99 a month -- but can you really put a price on being able to wear DC apparel at the age of 30?

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