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Space Invaders Infinity Gene propagates to iPhone today


The latest evolution of Taito's prehistoric Space Invaders franchise, Space Invaders Infinity Gene, has moved from Japanese mobile phones to the iPhone/iPod Touch App Store as of today. At first glance, Infinity Gene seems to be the same kind of flashy techno Invaders found in Space Invaders Extreme, but the new game takes a different route that offers a customizable experience.

Starting out as classic Invaders, Infinity Gene changes over time, adding new graphics, abilities, levels, and gameplay to an "evolutionary tree." The game even allows players to move up and down on the scrolling screen. Infinity Gene also generates levels from songs stored on the iPhone or iPod. It's the freshest idea to hit Space Invaders since, well, Extreme, and it's available now for $5. We're just a little excited. See the trailer after the break.

[Via Touch Arcade]

Space Invaders Infinity Gene (Taito, $4.99): Space Invaders Infinity Gene

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