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A peek inside the TUAW offices


Each day the TUAW crew awakes from our hyperbaric chambers, slides down the firepole in our historic 2-story firehouse and gathers around the Surface table to discuss what we're going to write about. Oh wait, that's in an alternate universe I just made up. In reality, the TUAW team is a diverse group of freelancers based all over the world, working from their home offices to find Apple stories for you.

There's no office except our chat room, no break room except our Twitter feeds and no daily editorial bull session with the team. It doesn't work like that. Instead, we all wake up at different times, read different sources, write different stuff and share different opinions. Everyone has a "day job" of some nature outside of TUAW, be it cubicle farmer or freelance pixel pusher. I'm pretty thrilled we've been able to do this for over four years now and our independence and focus hasn't changed.

While you can't take a tour of our real-world offices, some of our bloggers are sharing pics of their workspaces. Everyone has a very different setup, as you can see. Want to share your own setup? Tag a picture on Flickr with "tuaw" and we'll check it out.

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