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Artist resume reveals Wii plan for Warren Spector's 'Epic Mickey' [update 2: now with even more concept art!]


[Update 2: NeoGAF user cuyahoga has dug up more conceptual drawings for Epic Mickey from yet another artist, Gary Glover, who lists Junction Point Studios as one of his clients. His drawings (added to the gallery) appear to depict various lands from Disney's themeparks using the established steampunk / dystopian look of the game, suggesting that it may be broken up into these themed "worlds."

[Update: superannuation found concept art labeled "Epic Mickey" on the site of artist Fred Gambino! Have a look in the gallery -- if this is what the game looks like, with its rickety machine characters and post-apocalyptic Magic Kingdom, we are in. "Y"? Because we like it.]

More evidence has appeared for the existence of Epic Mickey, the "steampunk" Mickey Mouse game from Warren Spector's Junction Point Studios. Artist Tony Pulham lists his work as a concept artist on the project, which is described as a "Wii Video Game." The fact that Pulham started at Junction Point in June suggests that the game hasn't been canceled yet!

Of course, it could appear on other platforms, but at least we know now that one of the platforms in the works is Nintendo's, which is appropriate for a game rumored to be Disney's latest attempt at a Mario-style game.

Gallery: Epic Mickey concept art | 22 Photos

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