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Warner Bros. releasing Bachelor and Bachelorette games

Listen, guys. Warner Bros. Interactive is going to need a ton of money if it wants to provide marketing support for Scribblenauts when it comes out this September. Without these ads, the game may not sell well, which could injure our chances of ever getting future 'nauts titles. To ensure that we never encounter such a terrible future, we have an unpleasant task we must entrust you with: You need to go pre-order the recently announced video game adaptations of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that WBI is publishing.

We know -- you've been holding out for a video game adaptation of Rock of Love Bus. However, with Hell's Kitchen developer Ludia Inc. in charge of development, this pair of titles will ... okay, they're going to be awful. Still, you guys owe us. Remember that incident in Little Tokyo we helped you out of? Yeah, you do. Better get moving -- Gamestop's only open 'til nine.

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