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Image credit: Profiles now support European characters

Alex Ziebart

It took quite a bit longer than we'd expected, but it's here: Profiles now have EU support. The app, add-on, and site itself have been updated to be able to keep track of European characters once they've been added to your account on the site, and you do that just as you see above. When you search for a character, you'll be given an option between searching the US and EU Armories. Choose the appropriate region and you're good to go.

New and current users alike will probably want to get their hands on the latest version of our tracker package, which you can find in your Profile settings page, along with your unique add-on key. If you're new to using the profiles portion of our site (as most of you in the EU are, I would assume), check out our Help page should you run into any issues. It will walk you through what profiles and the addon can do, and has solutions for most of the common problems. If you run into any problems those pages can't help you with, please let us know!

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