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ASUS G60Vx lappy smuggled out of the Peoples Republic of Gamers for in-depth review


Sure, it looks good enough on paper, but how does the new G60Vx gaming laptop from ASUS stack up in the real world? The kids at Bit-Tech have got their hands on this guy and have been cool enough to let us in on their findings. According to the review, the machine "acquits itself pretty well," with the 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM and Blu-Ray drive all holding up their end of the bargain -- aside from the "stuttery" and "dramatically low" framerates encountered while playing Crysis (well, it is Crysis, after all). That said, the device will play "a good number of modern games at the native resolution," even if they deem resolution "irritatingly low" for 2D use. But, you know what? That ain't all, not by a long shot... to see the benchmarks and analysis in their full, unexpurgated glory, hit that read link.

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