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UK developers calling for digital sales transparency


The UK publishing community is asking for sales information from the digital distribution networks, possibly using a service like GfK-ChartTrack to set up a download-only chart. The question is whether Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Valve and others are likely to share that information.

To push things along, some developers are revealing sales figures as a sign of solidarity with the new initiative. Developer doublesix announced its PSN game, Burn Zombie Burn, achieved 70,000 sales. Studio honcho James Brooksby said, "We're clearly delighted that Burn Zombie Burn is performing well. ... However, I do wish that all the platform owners would make their digital sales figures public. We feel this lack of transparency is hindering the development of these channels."

Considering these digital distribution networks have only really discussed sales rankings up until now, it would usher in a brave new world if they were to start releasing actual sales figures (whether to developers or to the public).

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