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WRUP: The Michael Sacco smells like an ugly manbeast edition

Michael Sacco

Every weekend, the asks you (and ourselves) a simple question: What are you playing? This week, our bloggers' answers are compiled by Michael Sacco, and formatted by Alex Ziebart because doing that when you're stuck working from an iPhone is sort of a pain in the butt. That also explains the title of today's WRUP, in case you hadn't figured it out.

You could barely contain yourself, I know. You just couldn't sit still until you found out what the staff was up to this weekend. Well, we've read your mind, kid! In fact, we do that very thing every Saturday--ask our writers and editors to answer that elusive question: "What aRe yoU Playing?"

That's right --you've got a fever for contributor Twitter names and debatably entertaining personal information, and we've got the medicine* you need.

  • Adam Holisky: I'm going to be honest. I need about 70k honor. I'm probably going to sit around in BGs and only half pay attention to them. I'm not going to AFK out, but why put in the effort when no one else is? Battleground are a game of mediocrity, and I am its champion.
  • Alex Ziebart (@aziebart): More Turpen. More Ulduar. Hoping and praying Patch 3.2 is this Tuesday so I can stop waiting for it. Outside of WoW, I'm helping my parents move into their new place... in the apartment directly above mine. Then? Blogging on my personal blog and whipping this collaborative project I'm doing with my girlfriend into shape so we can get the party started. I finally started getting my various shipments in, so we can start writing!

  • Allison Robert: Going to work on a bunch of achievements I've been ignoring. I have the Chef and Salty titles within my grasp if I just knuckle down.
  • Amanda Dean: After two weeks admiring the floor in his chamber, I currently celebrating the death of Hodir on 10 man. Now I'm feverishly plotting Thorim's demise. Though our little guild is slightly behind the curve getting into Ulduar, we've really grown a great team. Raiding is fun and exciting again. Sure, we wipe on new content, but there's a real sense of achievement. Every once in a while I stop to ponder why we have to go through so much trouble to kill KT when we could just march right into the middle of Naxx and splatter him- for that matter, why doesn't he stay dead. Next week I'll wonder why Hodir was foolish enough to get captured again. Then I go back to leading my little army. It's a good thing I'm not a role player. For pony!
  • Daniel Whitcomb (@danielwhitcomb): I will probably mostly lament that Patch 3.2 isn't here yet, since I really want to grab some Cold Weather Flying books to give to a couple of my alts so I can level them in style. Apart from that, I think I'll get in a few last days of enjoying instant cast exorcism on my Paladin, or maybe finish off some achievements on my Death Knight.
  • Eddie Carrington (@brigwyn): Nothing special. I'm thinking after I finish up some quests in Outlands, I might get a haircut and trim my beard. Gotta get ready for BlizzCon after all.
  • Lesley Smith: I'm playing Aion this weekend, not for pleasure you understand. It's all work. I'm also taking my new camera out to try and take some shots for a local competition.
  • Lisa Poisso: Leveling some characters I haven't touched in a looong time – sweet!
  • Matt Low (@mattycus): I managed to get the Alterac Valley zerg achievement. The one where you kill Drek in like 6 minutes or less? The key is that you have to bring in a least 2 tanks, and several healers (4 or 5) and pray that enough DPS listen to you. A preform of about 15 does this quite nicely. This weekend, it's Alterac Valley perfection (or whatever the one where you have to play tight defense and not lose towers or captains, and take their towers). I can never remember these achievement names.
  • Michael Sacco (@mikesacco): Packing my bags to return to Austin for possibly the last time. Laying out and maybe even writing a little bit of my novel. Playing Star Ocean 2 on my PSP.
  • Robin Torres (@cosmiclaurel): It will be another Itchee weekend. I'm loving this new look at Azeroth through a child's eyes. I'm not loving leveling Alliance characters for the first time since the early days of vanilla WoW. What's with all the running in Elwynn Forest? Does everything really have to be so far apart? And don't even get me started on the plethora of complicated collection quests for characters with beginner bags. I hope Patch 3.2 comes next week because a mount will make playing Itchee even more fun, and there will be less parental whining.
  • Zach Yonzon (@trymykungfu): Finally rewarding myself with some stress-relieving PvP over the weekend, after finishing some penciled pages. I've been Honor-capped for months, so this'll be purely for fun. Then I'll hit the bike trail with my brother and his friends on Sunday.
What about you, sweet readers? What are you doing this fine weekend?

*Results not typical. Ask your physician before taking WRUP. Responses may or may not include video games. Void where prohibited. Your mother and I are very disappointed in you.

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