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iMuz launches three new PMPs for your amusement

Tim Stevens

The already crowded PMP space just got a little more busy thanks to a trio of new portable players from iMuz. Starting with the smallest, we have the above-pictured 39,000KRW ($31) 2GB and 49,000KRW ($40) 4GB MX1, which goes nicely with creepy looking dolls and sports a 1.5-inch TFT LCD, video playback of .avi files, FM radio, a voice recorder, and the ability to read e-books (if you really hate your eyes). Next up is the MX5, a brief video tour of which is included after the break. It has a 3-inch, 240 x 400 LCD, 16GB of storage, TV output, and all the same functionality as the baby MX1. Finally comes the MU-959, featuring VibeTouch haptic feedback. It too has a 3-inch, 240 x 400 LCD, but sports a dual-core processor, enabling it to decode a flurry of video formats and play games in addition to the standard voice recording, e-book reading, and FM tuning stuff. It comes in three colors: pink, black, and luxury brown. At this point we don't have a price to pass along for either of the two proper-sized ones, but it's not likely that you'll stumble across any of the trio in a domestic retailer anyhow.


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