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PS3 install base up to nearly 24 million

According to some recently released statistics from Sony, the worldwide install base for the PlayStation 3 is now 23.8 million strong. From a fact we learned earlier in June, we can extrapolate from these recent numbers that almost eight million people are currently being Quincied in PlayStation Home. Furthermore, assuming everyone owns one controller, there's more than 144 million axes of motion control floating around out there. (Axis'? Axises?)

From these numbers, we can also determine that the PS3 is currently lagging behind its Console War adversaries -- the Wii is sporting nearly the same number of users in the U.S. alone, and the Xbox 360 hit 28 million users earlier this year. Hey, that just makes it more underground, you know? It's edgy and exclusive, like that hip bar that doesn't let you or your friends in, because it's too full of well-dressed, attractive people.

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