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Nokia 6750 Mural for AT&T still exists, because the Bluetooth SIG says so

Chris Ziegler

We haven't heard a peep about the so-called Nokia Mural flip since May -- basically an eternity (as opposed to an Eternity) by mobile standards. Was it canceled? Did AT&T get distracted playing Call of Duty 4 and forget to release it? It's possible -- crazier things have happened -- but we're taking some comfort this week in the knowledge that the Bluetooth SIG hasn't forgotten about the darn thing anyway. What's more, they're showing it with the AT&T logo up front, the first time we've actually seen it there; the FCC docs where we first learned of the phone had it blurred out (though there was plenty of other evidence to gather that AT&T was the destination from day one). Given that the Mural doesn't seem to be running S60, we're having a hard time getting too worked up about the fact that it hasn't launched -- but we're sure they'd manage to sell a few if it was actually on a shelf somewhere.

[Via Unwired View]

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