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The Joystiq Scribblenauts Challenge: Your Solutions! (Redux)

Justin McElroy

After giving ourselves a few hours to turn our video words into internet words, we're presenting the results of the Scribblenauts Challenge again, now in a non-video form. If you're curious about the original puzzle (which tasked us with knocking some bottles off a table without a gun), read all about it.

Now, if you're curious about how your guesses fared, get thyself to the jump!

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Archon: Black hole: Yeah, this worked really well. The bottles got sucked up into the hole, and (though she almost died) the girl didn't. Nice work.

GIMcFly: Bull and red flag: This was pretty good, in theory. We definitely were getting a reaction from the bull to the flag (which was really cool) but we didn't have quite enough room to maneuver the flag around the bottles. So, no dice.

The Tony: Throw a grenade at them: Yep, this worked, but sadly, the girl was killed in the process. Our bad.

MRLN: Tie a "steak" to a "baby", place it on the bottles, type "lion." Uhh, this was a little closer to catastrophe than we're comfortable with. It all worked fine in principal, but since we couldn't put the steak baby behind the bottles, we couldn't make it work before the lion viciously murdered everyone in the room. Sad.

Mr. Nimblewick: Tie a bowling ball to a pterodactyl and have it fly into them. An unconventional idea, sure, but darned if it didn't pan out (eventually).

Epicmuffin: write "termites" and let them chew through the wood. Yep, like a charm. This is a good example of a clever solution, but not a convoluted one, which is the kind of thinking that seems to work best with Scribblenauts. More on that later.

Girricane: Flamethrower. Girricane knew an idea this flawless didn't need a lot of complicated explanation. A quick blast from the flamethrower, and the tower came tumbling down.

NForever: A horse. A top hat. A monacle. A curly mustache. A polo mallet. And a wooden ball. (or I'd be assuming any ball would work.) First I'd get on my horse with my polo mallet in hand. Put on my top hat, monacle, and curly mustache. Then I'd smash that ball straight into those bottles like any upstanding british gentleman would. Then, upon my success, I would strut around on my pony with a flag that I materialized from thin air... and probably make some friends and tea appear so we could hit up a party like they do in the eastern hemisphere. Uhh, close. It was a little difficult hitting the ball from the horse, and we accidentally knocked the tower over while riding the horse, meaning we lost, thanks to our cheating. We did, however, have a great time putting the hat on the horse.

JPJ007 Elephant, mouse to the left of elephant. The elephant didn't quite knock it over on the first try, but we know he was afraid of the mouse, and we're pretty sure it would have worked, had we played with it a bit more.


In our short time with the game, we were actually even more impressed with Scribblenauts than we had been previously.

No, you can't do anything you can think of, but it's almost a strength. Because more than trying to orchestrate the most convoluted solution to a puzzle, we found ourselves pushing to be smart instead of cute. That distinction could be just what Scribblenauts needs to take it from a charming, incredibly deep novelty to a truly satisfying game. We can't wait to see how it all plays out.

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