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VC/WiiWare Tuesday: An impossibly large update


This week is certainly the largest single update the Japanese Wii Shop has had since the launch of the Virtual Console back in December of 2006. It's also, sadly, a feat that probably won't be repeated, given the recent decline in selection. But let's not talk about declines when we've got such an incredible increase this month! Four games on Virtual Console -- and good ones, too, like Final Fantasy IV and Pac-Mania, would be remarkable enough, but they are joined by no fewer than nine on WiiWare.

The WiiWare selection includes genuinely interesting content like Bit.Trip: CORE, the one-button Tomenasanner Wii (seen above), and the three Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games; plus genuinely forgettable content like Sandy Beach, and wild cards like dolphin-training game Sea Farm, Derby Dog, which is, yes, a game about racing different varieties of dog, and a brain training game with its most notable feature being that its title translates to "Make your Square Brain Round."

The complete release listings are posted after the break.

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