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Warner Bros. highlights Mortal Kombat, Spy Hunter IPs in Midway acquisition


After snatching up Midway and dumping some of its execs, Warner Bros. looks like it's finally starting to get somewhere with its acquisition. There's a new guy heading up what is now WB Games Chicago and, according to Develop, Warner Bros. has confirmed that Mortal Kombat and Spy Hunter are now part of its forthcoming plans.

Acquiring these Midway properties gives Warner Bros. opportunities not only for new games (or re-releases of old ones), but also projects "adapted for film or TV, leveraged for consumer products, or licensed to third parties." While we wouldn't mind seeing someone take a stab at a new Mortal Kombat game, we desperately hope Warner Bros. doesn't go for a new movie. The world does not deserve any more of this.

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