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Atomic Games unable to secure funding for Six Days in Fallujah, reduces staff


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Citing a lack of "full-scale funding" for controversial game Six Days in Fallujah, Atomic Games is reporting today that it's trimming staff. According to Atomic, the 75 employees of the studio remained until this week when an undisclosed amount were let go.

Though the developer assures the "dozens of Marine veterans" who have spent "hundreds of hours in this project" that it will "fight on," we worry that this is just one more sign of a likely to-be-canceled game. After Konami dropped out as the game's publisher back in April, Six Days in Fallujah's fate has been up in the air. It probably doesn't help that rumors circulated yesterday about the studio's creative lead hitting the road for (presumably) greener pastures. We've reached out to Atomic for further information about those let who were let go and will update this post as we hear more.

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