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Dalaran Orphan Quest Walk-through


One of the small blessings of patch 3.2 is the brief addendum to Children's Week. You'll recieve a note in the mail (if you're of the appropriate level to recieve such mail) to go help the orphans of Northrend.

Note: While this guide is obviously focused on Roo the Oracle, if you choose to help out Kekek the Wolvar, it will still work. It just means you'll get a taste of the Wolvar flavor instead of the Oracle speech.

After you've gotten the announcement in the mail that you need to talk to the Orphan Matron of Dalaran, you simply walk to her and turn in the quest. You can find her near the Eventide. Be sure to talk to her again, as that satisfies the requirements to get your little orphan Roo.

The remaining quests all come from little Roo. He simply gives you three quests to visit three locations. Like the previous Orphan quests, little interactions at each location will help you understand your orphan's life a little better. (My beloved Draenei fiancee spent about the whole time 'dead from cute!')

-- Playmates!: No, not like that. Your Oracle Orphan wants to visit Winterfin Retreat, where he heard some brave chap rescued a bunch of murloc tadpoles. As soon as you get there (at location 43, 13), a baby murloc will run up to your Oracle. And they'll play together! Be sure to pay attention to the interaction between Roo and his new murloc friend, because oh my god it's cute.

-- The Bronze Dragonshrine: Roo is familiar with the "great rain stone" back home in Sholazar Basin. So, like any good, curious orphan, he wants to go check out the draconic equivalent. He'll get a glimpse of the future, when you see High Oracle Soo-roo come bounding up to you!

-- The Biggest Tree Ever!: Soo-say has told Roo the tale of Grizzlemaw, the Biggest Tree Ever! C'mon now, if you heard there was a "biggest tree ever," wouldn't you want to see it? (You can get the turn in at 51, 42)

Once you've completed these three simple steps (I started at Winterfin, then did Dragonshine, then jumped over to Grizzlemaw), you'll get two more quests.

-- Meeting a Great One: Remember the Etymidian? Return to it, so that Roo can meet the Great One. You'll need to go through the waygate portal in southern Sholazar, which is located at 40, 82.

-- The Dragon Queen: Roo's so much fun, you need to share the love. Take him back around to the Wyrmrest Temple so that he can meet Alexstrasza. I was never so big a fan of the Dragon Queen as I was when she showed some affection to my mini-Gorloc buddy.

After you've knocked these two quests off, there's one more place to go. You're carting around an orphan child. If you were a kid, with a big brother or sister, where would you want to go? The toystore!

-- A Trip to the Wonderworks: In case you've never been there because you're roleplaying a dour, un-fun Death Knight, the Wonderworks toy store is found in the north-west of Dalaran. For the quest, buy a special Small Paper Zepplin, which you throw to your orphan. Don't worry, he shares. Roo will immediately throw it back to you.

After that, you get a quest to return little Orphan Roo to the Orphan Matron.

If there is anything but a dark, cold, dead lump of coal serving as your heart, you will immediately start missing your orphan buddy. No fear! Check your mail.

Roo totally mailed himself to you, and is ready to adventure in Azeroth with you as your non-combat companion. It's a little creepy that he went through the Azeroth Postal Service, sure, but now you never have to be without him. As a warning, it does sometimes take a few moments for the mail containing your little buddy to show up.

Patch 3.2 will bring about a new 5, 10, and 25 man instance to WoW, and usher in a new 40-man battleground called the Isle of Conquest. will have you covered every step of the way, from extensive PTR coverage through the official live release. Check out's Guide to Patch 3.2 for all the latest!

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