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RAGE screens show up in id Tech 5 presentation

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Curious what id Software's John Carmack has been doing with that big brain since the 2004 release of Doom 3? The latest engine out of the Dallas-based developer is called id Tech 5 and RAGE is the very first game to take advantage of it. Thing is, this latest batch of information isn't from Carmack; instead, we've been scanning a PDF of J.M.P. van Waveren's – senior programmer at id Software – presentation at this year's SIGGRAPH conference.

Titled "id Tech 5 Challenges: From Texture Virtualization to Massive Parallelization" the 37 page presentation also includes a half dozen high-resolution screenshots of the game, which we've tucked into the gallery below. We know, we know – who cares about screenshots? What you want to hear about is the "texture pyramid with sparse page residency" or perhaps the similarly exciting "latency tolerant computational services model." Well, lucky for you, we've also linked the PDF. Go get 'em!

Gallery: Rage (8/6/09) | 6 Photos

[Via Shacknews]

PDF link
– id Tech 5 Challenges: From Texture Virtualization to Massive Parallelization

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