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Group seeks to turn Illadelph into 'the Hollywood for video games'


Like the smattering of American states and, umm, international unions that have already begun financially incentivizing game development, a few Philadelphians hope to convince the city's legislature to do the same. Philadelphia's City Paper reports that the Video game Growth Initiative recently presented its case for economic growth through game development to "representatives from state government and city economic groups."

Though the representatives suggested the re-packaging of "already existing business incentives," the group has bigger plans for its ideas, saying, "That's still not enough, it's not like other cities don't have these kinds of incentives." For now, the VGI is preparing a website that will enlighten tentative game studios to the "already existing" financial reasons why they should move to the City of Brotherly Love. Personally, this writer thinks the incredible food, amazing selection of beer, and Joystiq's own Chris Grant would be incentive enough.

[Via GamePolitics]

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