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Activision CEO made nearly $15 million last year

Say what you will about Activision CEO Robert Kotick -- and from what we've seen in previous posts, you will -- the guy knows how to make money. Not just for Activision as a whole (which raked in close to $1 billion in Q2 this year), but for himself as well -- according to a recent Forbes profile on the controversial CEO, Kotick made $14,950,102 in 2008.

Kotick caught some flack last week for joking about wanting to increase the price of Activision's releases. Now, it seems we know why -- he's only making $15 million a year. He desperately needs that extra scratch to upgrade his Azimut 62E Luxury Yacht to an Azimut 116 Luxury Yacht. Those meanies at the Santa Monica Yachting Club just won't stop picking on his puny seafaring vessel.

[Via GamesIndustry]

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