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Fallen Earth moves into open beta on August 17th


Yes, that's right, the apocalypse opens up its doors to all on August 17th. If you're really eager for the apocalypse, however, then we suggest you hurry on over to Fileplanet and sign up for an account, as they're going to be the ones handing out access to Fallen Earth. Fileplanet will be making the Fallen Earth beta accessible for download on Friday, August 14th, for all of you who want to get that download rolling early.

If you're really excited for Fallen Earth's launch on September 9th, then you can also hop over to Direct2Drive and grab yourself a pre-order of the game. Pre-orders not only get guaranteed access to the beta, but they also get the exclusive in-game mount, the Wasteland Runner. The special mount has four more points of defensive skills, 2500 extra stamina, and six more pack slots over other horses.

Even more importantly, pre-order customers will be getting a five day head start in the game. Yes, that's right, five days! This means the pre-order customers will be jumping into the game on September 4th, while everyone else will get to experience the Grand Canyon on the 9th.

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