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Guildwatch: Loot reservations required

Mike Schramm

The hilarious screenshot above comes from Blitzkrieg of Twisting Nether -- I think it's probably the winner of guild screenshots we've seen so far. It's too bad they didn't get the actual Flame Leviathan model in there, but the guildies' names above their heads are perfect. Very well done.

Lots more downings (we're still cleaning up the ones before patch 3.2, but I expect after today, we'll be seeing some serious Crusaders' Coliseum progression), and of course the usual drama and recruiting news in this week's GW as well. Click the link below to read on, and enjoy.


  • Darnassians Legacy on Cairne had a little tiff with a (now former) guildie recently. Apparently he joined the guild and then discovered that they have a pretty limited "new member" status -- for about a month after joining, new members can only get gear after everyone else in the guild declines to roll on it. This new member decided that he wouldn't bother with that, so he went ahead and declined invites to raid with the guild, hoping to avoid raiding until he new member status passed. He only did one raid in a period of two weeks, though (and it turns out that he did in fact get a piece of gear on that raid, one that all the normal members declined). He then declined another week of raiding, and then when another guildie showed up to ask why he'd passed so much, he explained he hadn't planned on raiding that evening. To which the guild member answered with a bunch of ASCII art in whispers. Finally, after an /ignore went out, the former guildie, also our tipster, got kicked from the guild. He says he sent us the tip as a warning about the guild, but seriously -- being a new member is pretty much the time when you're supposed to show your devotion to the guild. And declining raid after raid is not a good way to do that. Not to mention that on the one raid he did go on, he actually did get gear (so his worry about the "new member" status was not justified anyway). Our verdict: yes, the ASCII art stunt was lame. But the guild seems pretty reasonable. You're probably both better off without each other anyway.
  • Ashes of the Phoenix on Emerald Dream-A celebrated the third anniversary of their founding with quite the shindig: a parade, 16-minute player-run fireworks show, dueling contest, naked Dragonbreath Chili fistfights, and a scavenger hunt. Sounds awesome, what a great way to celebrate being around for almost the whole life of the game.
  • Want to break up your guild? Do what the GM of Dreamcatchers on EU Turalyon did -- 1) throw a party in real-life, 2) rant about how bad your guildies are, 3) post the video on YouTube (NSFW due to language). Apparently the guild broke up after the video appeared on the forums.
  • Something Epic on Shandris had someone named Manix ninja their guild bank. After he made some "questionable withdraws," the GM went to chat with him, and eventually demoted him. After a long talk and explanation (the GM thought he was new to the game), he was let back up to the higher rank... at which point he pulled as much as he could. After a quick "management" meeting, it was time for a /gkick. Gone!
  • Oxey of Prophecy on Bloodhoof tries to apologize for forgetting to "reserve loot" on a Vault of Archavon run (is that what they're calling it now?), but it doesn't go so well. The thing is, has anyone ever been in a raid where "reservations" were placed on the loot? The reason there's so many VoA ninjas (and let's be honest, that's what this is) is that if you really told a PuG that "guys, I'm reserving this piece of loot if it drops," no one would go in with you.
  • This one's basically just a one-liner, but we're going with it anyway. Pheonix on Greymane nabbed their realm first Heroic Algalon kill, and they did it after the damage got nerfed a bit. But they say it's still a big achievement, because "however, we did offset the nerf to damage by having 4 women healers out of the 6 healers in the raid." Wow. Sexist much?
  • Jundivyn, GM of Nerfed at Birth on Terenas, was apparently so unhappy that his childhood friend and roomate /gquit the guild that he apparently not only kicked him out of the apartment they shared, but he also allegedly tossed his stuff in the rain. Nice. Lots of other fun stories pop up about Jundivyn in that thread as well, from his child care advice ("your the adault, you can tell him to get in bed and thats what he has to do, no matter how bad he screams thats all he can do realy.") to using another guildie as a bargaining chip to keep a third guildie from leaving the guild (we're not sure how that worked either -- "you stay or I /gkick him"?). What a guildleader.
  • Sad news: Fishbot, a.k.a. Rob, of Trinity on EU Nordrassil, passed away suddenly on Tuesday the 21st of July, leaving a hole his friends will never be able to fill and a family that loved him very much. Although the guild will miss his warmth, wit and humor (and, they say, his birds singing in the background on Vent), their thoughts are at this time with his wife and kids. Ditto from us -- sorry to hear of your loss.
  • The guild leader of Absolution on Dragonblight, Litchslapped, said he was tired of lack of raid enthusiasm and /gquit. Which the guild was pretty much fine with -- except that they soon realized he took most of the guild bank with him.
  • Domination and Aeternitas tried to pull a guild merge off so they could do some 25-mans together, and combined their guild banks. But Domination then decided that they didn't want to do 25-mans after all, and didn't exactly want to part with all that gold. Instead, they bought three officers off, and carried the whole haul off on their own. Good times.
  • Ordo Veritas of Zul'Jin-H took down General Vezax and reached Phase 2 of Yogg Saron on the same night. They're also eating up the hard modes and they say they are the top 10-man guild on the server. We don't know if that's true, but grats anyway on the progress!
  • The "K2 sub raid group" (a holdover from being Kara Group 2 way back when) of Brotherhood of Ronin on Dalvengyr-A finally downed General Vezax last week. They even put some video in, and it's set to Rock Lobster, apparently.
  • Calamitous Intent Alliance on Stormrage killed 25-man Thorim and two-shot 25-man Mimiron on the first night of attempts. All of the Keepers of Ulduar are downed, which means General is on notice.
  • Corruption on Feathermoon is now 11/14 in Heroic Ulduar after two-shotting Mimiron this past week. General is also on notice for them, if not downed already.
  • My Little Pony is a recently formed 10-man Ulduar raiding guild that also recently downed Yogg Saron have been running through the hard modes: FL, XT, Kologarn, Iron Council, and Thorim's hard modes are all downed. They're also looking for a few more folks, so join up if you are interested.
  • Broken Fang on EU Frostwhisper had their best week of progress in Wrath so far, as they downed Heroic Thorim after 66 (!) wipes and then took out Mimiron right away. In 10-man, Yoggy is down, and XT's hard mode has fallen as well.
  • Sword Axe Optical has recently cleared out Naxxramas, including a guild first of Kel'thuzad. Congrats!
  • Serenity on Khaz Modan downed Yogg on 10-man, which is pretty impressive for two reasons: they say they're the only "pure 10-man" guild on the server, and second, they only raid two nights a week. Congrats!
  • The Chosen Warriors on the EU server Khadgar cleared out Arachnid Quarter in only their second raid. They've been working hard on becoming a more serious raiding guild, and hopefully they're well on their way. Good luck!
  • Blitzkrieg of Twisting Nether recently brought down Vezax 25-man. Nice job.
  • No Big Deal on Barthilas one-shotted three hard modes the other night: FL, XT, and Hodir. Thanks, they say, to PuG Shaman Mysticlewie for his leet heals. They downed Vezax the week before as well. Grats!
  • Arisen of Elune has downed Kologarn, Auriya, and Thorim, with Auriya being one-shotted on the guild's first push past Kologarn. Hodir is on notice next. They're also recruiting to get up to 25-man numbers -- dedicated, careful raiders are being sought from all classes and specs. Alts welcome as well.
  • Section Nine of Azjol Nerub has been doing pretty well in Ulduar 25-man, but had some trouble recently. that's all over now, though: on one night, they cleared out Thorim, Freya, Mimiron, and even Vezax, all in one run, making them one of the top 10 guilds on the server and faction. Way to go!
  • Awry on Cenarius (minus one of their players who was dealing with a Forest Service fire warning, apparently) two shotted Mimiron and then took out Vezax in just one shot, both in 25-man. Grats!
  • Serenity Knights of Shadowsong has successfully downed Flame Leviathan and XT-02 Deconstructor two weeks in a row now. Razorscale is on notice -- "how about that for a 'nobody' guild," they say. Who said you were a "nobody" guild?
  • Months Behind, an Alliance raiding guild on Mug'thol, downed Iron Council hard mode (for an Alliance first), Hodir hard mode and even Yogg+3 in Heroic Ulduar the other week. They're working on Algalon in 10-man, and are currently recruiting all ranged DPS, as well as Holy Paladins.
  • Three Thousand, a semi hardcore raiding and social guild on Saurfang, has downed the Crazy Cat Lady and "Hodir Schmodir."
  • The Betrayed of Daggerspine downed 25-man Freya and Mimiron (and it was their first night of Mimiron tries). "Yay?" they ask. "Yay," we answer.
  • Reviction of Stormscale-H downed Yogg Saron in Heroic Ulduar after many attempts. Next up: hard modes. They're also recruiting. Hit up the website to apply.
  • Guards of Thrall from EU Thunderhorn-H just cleared Yogg 10-man and only have General Vezax and Yogg left in 25-man. Sounds like the hard modes are on notice.
  • Society of Dalaran on EU Ravenholdt-A has come under new management, and are now recruiting "non-too-serious" members for Naxx/OS/EoE and Ulduar. 10-man raids are first on the list, and 25-man raids are next up when there are enough members to fill them out.
  • Stonecutters on Farstriders-A are recruiting all classes, especially Tanks and Healers. They are a casual progression guild and are looking for level headed, drama free raiders. Raid spots must be earned. Most raids start early and they try to be easy on scheduling. Undergeared players will get gear runs, though attitude is more important than what you're wearing ingame. See the website for more.
  • Diminishing Returns on Sisters of Elune-H is a guild whose leadership wanted something a little more than casual but a little less than hardcore. Ulduar progression is on hold for recruiting, so if that's your thing, look them up.
  • Poetsandslaves is a small, tight-knit casual weekend raiding guild on Uther-A. They just started raiding as a guild in April and already have Naxx on farm. The first Ulduar attempt got them all the way to Kologarn before they had to call it a night. They're focusing on 10-man now, but with the numbers will come 25-mans as well. If you're a mature 18+ player, especially DPS or healer, check them out.
  • Night Shift (Undermine-H) is a casual raiding guild that aims to provide a friendly, helpful, and patient environment for late-night raiders interested in progressing through end-game content. They believe in "people before purples", and would rather train good people to become better players than tolerate the company of unpleasant people just to get epic gear. They currently run 10-man teams in Ulduar and Naxx, but would like to grow the numbers to run 25-man content as well.
  • Trinity Exiles of Terokkar-A is recruiting. They are a mature, adult, progression-oriented guild seeking active members, who are looking to move through content and contributed to raids on a regular basis. They're 8/14 in Ulduar right now, and are looking to expand to two 10-man raiding squads in hopes of building a 25-man raiding team.
  • Can Heal Stupid, on Khadgar-A, (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) is recruiting to fill all roles for Ulduar hard modes, both 10 and 25-man. They need focused raiders who know their stuff -- they can heal stupid, but they'd rather not see it at all.
  • Club Midnight of Nathrezim-H is actively recruiting experienced level 80 raiders. Candidates for trial membership must be at least Naxx 25-geared and able to raid at least 3 days a week, M-F for Ulduar progression. The guild currently has two weekly Ulduar 10 groups at Vezax as well as Ulduar 25. For more information, please visit their website.
  • D O A on Cho'gall is a progression guild currently 10/14 in Ulduar 10 and seeking members to round out a solid 25-man core for adventures in Ulduar 25. They raid Monday-Thursday and have several in-guild pick up raids during the weekends for new 80s and alts. Those interested in recruiting can apply at the website, and should be Ulduar-ready. Solid DPS, geared offtanks, a Resto Druid and a Holy Priest are specifically needed.
  • Blood of Heroes on Shadowsong is recruiting -- they're a progressive 10-man guild made of several longtime friends looking for fun/mature/dependable players to finish up Ulduar 10 and move on.
  • Wartorn on Silver Hand has completed their first round of Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10-man) and are working towards getting more rusted Proto-drakes every week. In 25-man, XT and Hodir hard modes were completed with ease and Thorim, Iron Council and Flame Leviathan are on notice. They're looking for reliable Holy Paladins and high DPS Mages. Herbalist/Alchemists are extra welcome.
That's it for this week's GW. You can send us your tips about drama, downed, or recruiting news happening on your realm to guildwatch AT wow dawt com. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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