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Runes of Magic's Elven Prophecy releases September 15, collectors items announced

James Egan

Frogster has just announced a September 15 release date for Runes of Magic's next content update, Chapter II - The Elven Prophecy. The update will bring players into new zones, like the Savage Lands, in addition to adding a new race to Runes of Magic -- the elves. September 15 will also mark the release of a boxed version of Runes of Magic for Germany, France, and Spain (at a recommended retail price of €9,90). That boxed version will include a few collectors items:

  • Manticore pet
  • Printed manual
  • Poster-sized world map of Taborea
  • Time-limited mount: Thunder Wartiger

Beyond those items, the retail version will include an experience potion for faster leveling, a carpet to decorate an in-game home, and materials for enhancing stats on weapons and armor.

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