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Inglourious Plummers trailer finally combines Mario and Tarantino

We always thought the Leguizamo-infused Super Mario Bros. film had the propensity to be amazing, if only a more visionary director had grasped the reins of the adaptation. The video we've posted after the jump gives a look into a parallel universe of what could have been -- a universe where Quentin Tarantino had control of the plumber's first silver screen excursion.

The video was produced by the folks over at GamerVision. You might want to brush up on the trailer for Tarantino's upcoming film Inglourious Basterds before you check it out -- their video is a shot-by-shot remake of said trailer, only it takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom instead of Nazi Germany. We never thought about it before watching the video, but the similarities between these two regions are actually rather striking.

[Via DumbDrum]

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