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Germany becomes top games market in Europe [update: not true!]


Update: Media Control GfK contacted to say that the data used in its press release was incorrect and that the UK remains the biggest gaming sector of the European market. Sorry for the confusion, folks!

Not only is Germany about to kick off Europe's biggest games convention this week with GamesCom, but it turns out the country has also overtaken the UK as the largest video game market in Europe. Media Control GfK notes that Germany has kept a steady increase during the first half of 2009, while the UK had a 20 percent decline from the previous year.

The UK was one of a few regions to experience a notable decline, with the speculation being that the region was impacted by the global economic crisis more significantly. Let's see if Germany can keeps its edge if the "killerspiel" banning takes effect.

[Via Gamezine]

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