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NFL's new RedZone channel won't be seen by most

Ben Drawbaugh

We love the NFL in HD, and have often wondered why we've paid $300 for the NFL Sunday Ticket in HD, and then spend 90 percent of the time watching the RedZone Channel. So you can imagine how excited we were to hear that thanks to the NFL renegotiating its contracts with DirecTV, Fox and CBS; that the RedZone channel would be available to every provider in the US instead of just to DirecTV Sunday Ticket subscribers. But the more we learn about the new channel, the more annoyed we felt. There is just something fundamentally wrong about a full time cable channel that only broadcasts 119 hours out of the 8760 hours a year. This is especially true when you realize that this is the very same 119 hours a year when the existing NFL Network broadcasts almost nothing at all. There simply is no other reason then pure greed to have two separate NFL channels. So as much as we'd love to enjoy this channel during the season, we completely respect all the providers out there refusing to sign a carriage deal -- Comcast is the only one that wil carry it at the moment -- at least until the two channels are combined, and then the programming can't get here soon enough.

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