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Sprint now reselling WiMAX in Atlanta, Portland and Las Vegas

Darren Murph

Atlanta, Portland and Las Vegas have been lit with Clearwire's CLEAR WiMAX for varying lengths of time now, but throw a Sprint label on there and you've got a whole new party to attend. In what's easily one of the stranger partner relationships in the business world today, Sprint has just announced that it's reselling 4G services in a trio of markets that have actually had the service for months / weeks / days now. So yeah, nothing really new here -- it's the same 4G waves that Clearwire customers have been enjoying for awhile, but if you're more comfortable waltzing into a carrier store, now's your chance. We'll leave you to the read links below for the specifics, but here's the long and short of it: if you've got a 4G-capable device, you can add WiMAX to your plan for an extra $10 per month on top of your 3G data plan.

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