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The Daily Grind: Instance vs. open


So here's a battle for all of you readers out there. A good way, if you ask us, to wake up the morning. Do you prefer the way of the open, massive, uninstanced dungeon crawls? Or are you more of a modern day lover of the instanced method of dispatching monsters?

Now there are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both. Uninstanced dungeons create a very epic dungeon experience, as you can come across other small groups of players fighting against the hordes of monsters while you explore a huge underground space. However, uninstanced dungeons can sometimes mean overcrowding, lines to kill bosses, and generally non-immersive behavior.

Instanced dungeons, on the other hand, let players enjoy the content at their own pace with no kill-stealing and no lines. But instanced dungeons don't seem to have that same flair for adventure and unexpectedness as a non-scripted dungeon does. In short, it's like riding a pre-planned roller coaster rather than having a true dungeon adventure.

So what do you prefer? Let us know readers, let us know!

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