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PS3 Slim: Mockup vs. reality


Click for more pictures of the real Slim
Now that we've seen real pictures of the actual PS3 Slim (can you believe its real? The answer is yes. Yes, you can.), we thought we would compare it to the other PS3 Slim we've seen so much of -- the mockup that we saw again and again in retail listings and fake circulars. Above, the real PS3 Slim and NeoGAF user cakefoo's final mockup image.

The fake is the one on the right. To put a fine point on it, cakefoo totally nailed it, to the point that we're wondering if he had the real thing on his desk as a reference. To put an even finer point on it, the logo is slightly bigger on the mockup, so it totally doesn't look anything like the real one.

It's also really close to the early box image we saw -- but we can probably attribute that less to a prescient/detail-oriented Photoshopper and more to this box image probably being real. In fact, this box image and the in-production shell image were probably among the references used by cakefoo.

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