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Ask Engadget HD: Who has the best HD video on-demand?


Now that we're living in a post Project Infinity and 1080p VOD world, there may be a bit more to consider when choosing a provider than simply linear channel lineup. Fiber, satellite and cable companies are all fighting to be called the king of video on-demand, but which one actually is? We'll let our friend Michael ask the question:

"I have been hearing about all these different kinds of Video On Demand services from Cable, sat, and telco companies. I was wondering if you guys could do a rundown of the descriptions of the different VOD services and their pros and cons. "

So, when was the last time you perused the VOD catalog of your pay-TV provider, and was it worth the effort? We're sure at least some have already gone all online only for their video libraries, while some may stick to discs, DVR and standard channel browsing. Over here we're checking every ten minutes for that episode of The Closer we forgot to DVR this week, but until it shows up let us know how your VOD experience has worked out.

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