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Video: Moldover CD case rocks a light theremin, our socks


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When a tip comes in touting video of another so-called YouTube "musical genius" it's hard to fight through the blasé glaze in which we find ourselves entombed. Still, one indifferent mouse-click later and we're treated to Moldover's Awesome Edition CD. The awesome part is the custom-designed circuit board that accompanies the CD and lists the tracks while doubling as a theremin instrument with headphone jack -- all in a standard-size jewel case. Hit the on button and start making 'music' by waving your hand in front of the light sensors. Sure it sounds a bit like you're squeezing air through a pinched balloon and it costs $50 ($10 for CD-only or $25 for a Pocket Edition), but hey, give this guy some credit for innovation. Check the video after the break, you will believe at the 1-minute mark.

[Thanks, Rich DDT]

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