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Why Shadow Complex credits a multiplayer tester

Justin McElroy

Those of you who've blown through Shadow Complex already (shame on you, it should be savored) may have noticed a strange anomaly during the credits. The game (which is single-player only) credits T.J. Duez as the sole member of the game's multiplayer test team. We emailed developer Chair and parent company Epic to get the skinny.

"The only explanation I can offer is that we used a lot Epic's internal testers for the game and since they have a number of multiplayer games, that might just be his title at Epic," said Chair's Laura Mustard. "Otherwise, he's got a pretty good gig as there's not much multiplayer testing that can be done on a game that is single-player only, right?" Epic's Mark Rein concurred, adding "We have testers at Epic who specialize in multi-player testing and probably one of them helped out on Shadow Complex in their spare time."

Sorry, gang. Sounds like if you were hoping for co-op complex crawling, you're going to be waiting a while.

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