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Gatheryn approaches open beta, offers registration page and client download


If you've been looking forward to the casual steampunk world of Gatheryn, then you don't have much longer to wait. MindFuse Games has recently updated their main page for the game, offering everyone the chance to register their accounts and download the game's client in preparation for the upcoming open beta.

Open beta hasn't been given a set launch time as of yet, but all interested parties should take the time to sign up for the forums, as forum members will be notified of open beta via an e-mail blast.

Gatheryn is, as we've covered before, a steampunk-ish Free Realms-esque game where you get to play mini-games to advance your character in the game. Lucky for you we got to sit down with Isa Anne Stamos, MindFuse's game studio director, to find out more about the game and even took a look at one of the game's beta updates. You're totally welcome.

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