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DJ Hero coming Oct. 27 in US, 'late October' worldwide


Speaking to Joystiq at GamesCom, Activision has officially confirmed what retailer listings have indicated for quite some time: DJ Hero will wind up on shelves starting October 27th in the US and "late October" elsewhere -- likely the week of the 27th. However, the retailer-derived price of $120 (and $200 for the pictured "Renegade Edition") has yet to be confirmed.

DJ Hero will come with 93 mixes, comprised of 100 individual tracks. The game's guitar mode will be compatible with Rock Band axes and microphones. Yes, microphones. Though plugging in a microphone offers no major gameplay additions, the peripheral can be handed to the drunkest person in the room for random shoutouts and other foolish remarks. USB mics are a go, but we're following up to see if wireless mics will also be accepted.

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