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GamesCom Scribblenauts booth is wide, wide-ruled


5TH Cell creative director Jeremiah Slaczka pointed out this picture, taken by Krystian Majewski, of the GamesCom 2009 Scribblenauts booth. It's ... a bit bigger than the E3 booth, which consisted of two demo DS stations in the back of the largely Batman-themed WB enclosure. Like, behind it. "It's awesome WB is embracing it so much," Slaczka told us about the increased presence, "and really supporting the game."

Majewski's Flickr gallery also contains images of items summoned in Scribblenauts, including stuff we hadn't seen before like "river," "echidna" and "lich." Hey, topical! For more Scribblenauts fun, check out the newly redesigned US site, which now shows a Flash simulation of gameplay in the background!

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