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BlizzCon 2009: Class panel #2, the good parts version

Eliah Hecht

The second and final class, item, and profession panel has concluded. Disappointingly, the presentation part of the panel was mainly a re-run of yesterday's, but the Q&A, of course, was all-new. There were even a few new tidbits in the presentation. Here are some parts of the presentation that are not repeats from yesterday:

  • They didn't give any new classes to Draenei because there are too many of the space goats already.
  • There's a chance that Hunter Aspects will go away entirely.
  • New tidbit on Archaeology: putting pieces of artifacts together sends you to "face some sort of challenge" out in the world.
  • They like the way fishing works in Animal Crossing, and might look to that for inspiration on how to rework the process.

And here are the good parts from the Q&A:

  • Troll and Worgen Druids will get new Moonkin forms.
  • They like the idea of hunters being able to tame their own mounts.
  • There might be an epic travel form for Cataclysm.
  • Block Value is being removed, but there will still be a stat on gear that increases your block chance.
  • On the topic of Titan's Grip, it might be more optional in the future - it might be possible to make a competitive Fury build without TG, if you want to "be the guy that wields dual-handed weapons or wields two one-handed weapons."
  • Bloodlust isn't going anywhere - "if you're going to do hard modes, it's not too much to bring at least one Shaman with you." (It seems he's not thinking about 10-man raids.) They might however introduce a consumable that brings a weaker version of the buff, like Scroll of Stamina as opposed to Priest Power Word: Fortitude.
  • There are going to be more fun potions for Alchemists, as well as more being done with transmutation.
  • Combustion is "on the list" for patch 3.3, but no details yet.
  • They want to take another look at Shadow Priest single-target DPS.
  • The revamp of Azeroth is "a great opportunity" to do more class-based quests: "teach more about how each class plays before they hit level 40. Maybe a big ability pairs up with a big quest, so you can learn how to use it." This is a very interesting answer.
  • Professions specializations (like Armorsmithing) are being changed so that you don't choose just one, but you build up all of them for your tradeskill.

That's it! I hope they do come up with some really interesting class-based quests. Of course, then I'll have to go back and do them with my high-level characters, but that's alright. Or maybe I'll just reroll them all as Worgen.

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