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Fallen Earth's doors clank open for more beta testers

If fantasy isn't the genre for you, and the idea of spending another day in high-tech shiny sci-fi doesn't appeal, then you're in luck. The team at Fallen Earth, LLC have thrown open the rusted-out doors and are now welcoming in any and all beta testers who would like to help them in this testing phase. Your job, should you choose to accept it? Jump on the Fallen Earth servers and go hunting for any last minute bugs so the devs can destroy them. This is assuming the sheer number of folks playing doesn't make their servers scream like a little girl and run away, mind you.

With a thrashed-out, nightmarish world of strange sights and complex game-play, Fallen Earth seems ready to fulfill the desires of those who have been waiting for all manner of twisted hell to break loose in an MMO. The client and keys are now available on FilePlanet for paid subscribers and non-subscribers alike. Once you've gotten all set up, run through the tutorial, and gotten your first taste of life in this strange new world, we'll see you in-game for some great big mutated bug hunting!

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