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Archos 2 Vision, 3 Vision and Clipper spotted in French wilderness

Vlad Savov

With the 2 Vision's price and spec recently emerging, all that was missing were some "real life" shots of the player without studio lighting and professional makeup. Archos Lounge has gone and filled that gap, with the added bonus of some 3 Vision and Clipper sightings. Disappointingly, whereas the touch-sensitive horizontal slider originally looked to have been bracketed by buttons sitting flush with the case, in reality those are of the bumpy, cheap looking variety. We can take no umbrage with the thin casing though, as it looks just as skinny as we were led to believe. Hit up the read link to explore the player for yourself, or slide past the break to see it side by side with the 3 Vision.

[Via CrunchGear]

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