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Final Fantasy Gaiden's simplified commands, wonderful monsters


Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden is the turn-based Final Fantasy game that has captured our hearts. The idea of a stripped-down, natively multiplayer classic Final Fantasy game is appealing to those of us weary of cutscenes and "deep" storylines. Besides that, this game will actually be released somewhere in the world this year.

The latest set of screens from the DS RPG highlight the customization of the battle menu. Players can assign six abilities and/or magic spells to spaces on the menu, each of which bears a cost in action points. The screens also feature the new "gem" system, in which monsters occasionally drop gems that can either be sold or placed into a crown shape, which, when filled, grants a new ability.

Finally, Square Enix released some monster art, which is fantastic. Seen here: "Jack Lantern,"

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