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Metareview: Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3, 360, PC)

Justin McElroy

We had hoped that, at this point, this kind of glowing criticism would be enough to make your buying decisions for you. But, sadly, it seems you still want to hear what others have to say about Batman: Arkham Asylum. Very well. Though it pains us, we oblige:

  • Game Informer (95/100): "Batman: Arkham Asylum is this year's BioShock, not just from the connection established with the world, but from its ability to innovate where new ideas are needed, and moreover, deliver an adventure unlike any other.
  • Strategy Informer (95/100): "A full repertoire of moves makes playing as Batman an experience that's not only uniquely satisfying, but also incredibly empowering - exactly as it should be. The Dark Knight is a superhero, and in Arkham Asylum, he actually feels like one, stalking enemies with a predatory prowess befitting of the iconic character."
  • (94/100): "So, is Arkham Asylum finally the game that Batman deserves then? Yes. Yes it is. And a whole lot more besides. ... It is to games what Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are to movies - Batman: Arkham Asylum is without doubt the most definitive videogame realisation of the character yet. It's also unreservedly brilliant to boot."
  • Eurogamer (90/100): "Most of the gameplay concerns are minor when taken in the context of how much Arkham Asylum gets so gloriously right. Rarely does a game do a character justice in such a satisfying way. Arkham Asylum finds room for every major aspect of Batman's enduring appeal, and it does so in a game compelling enough to work even without its masked star."

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