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NPD: 40-60% sales increase projection for PS3 was misquoted


Last week, IndustryGamers quoted an InformationWeek article on post price-drop PS3 sales forecasts ... which just so happens to have misquoted NPD. According to the former, the number-cruncher of video game sales told the latter that, "based on history, price cuts tend to increase month-over-month unit sales in the 40%-60% range," which ended up as, "We would expect to see in the range of a 40% to 60% unit sales increase when September sales are reported."

If you read InformationWeek's version of what NPD said, it sounds like, once September's sales numbers come in, PS3 will have sold 40 to 60 percent more than it did in August. The original quote, though, indicates that based on past price drops, it's seen console sales increase by that amount -- though it wasn't saying that would necessarily be the case with PS3.

We're not exactly sure how quote No. 1 became quote No. 2 -- they're just a tad different, as you can see -- so we've contacted NPD to get its actual projections for $299 PS3 sales. (Which we promise to quote accurately.)

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