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Tesla founder quietly dismisses lawsuit against the company, Musk


Remember that time, way back in June, when we told you that former Tesla Motors exec Martin Eberhard was suing the company and its chief (a certain Mr. Elon Musk) for sundry offenses, including forcing him out of the company, wrecking his car, and besmirching his good name? According to the San Jose Business Journal, the suit was quietly and unceremoniously dropped on August 7 at the request of Eberhard. Of course, the most likely explanation for this turn of events (besides Eberhard's suddenly finding his Zen and deciding to drop out of the material world for a life of quiet contemplation) is a settlement of some sort. Maybe he's getting that coveted roadster after all? According to The Register, a Tesla spokesperson refused to "speculate on why Eberhard dropped his suit." When pressed for a follow-up, the same site received an automated reply: "I am on vacation".

[Via The Register]

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