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Happy Batman Day! 'New free downloadable content coming soon!'

It's August 25th! And you know what that means: it's Batman Day here in North America. No doubt, most of you on the East Coast in the U S of A are probably reading this having just returned from Toys 'R' Us, where you nabbed Batman: Arkham Asylum and a $30 gift card. For our Canadian counterparts, you've no doubt already snagged one of those abnormally discounted $40 copies. But, the reviews are in and Arkham Asylum is far from discount shovelware. Even though they're about to give some DLC away for free ...

Yeah, that caught us off guard as well. In some bizarre inversion of the normal game publisher / consumer relationship, Eidos and WBIE are keen on not only selling as many units of Batman: Arkham Asylum as possible but – having given away the razor – they want to give the blade away as well. The loading screen's "infocast" bar declares: "New free downloadable content coming soon!" No word on what this DLC is (more challenge rooms or new story sections?) but if you were on the asylum fence, this might be just the push you need to topple over into Arkham.

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